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Thirparappu Falls, Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu, India

     Thirparappu is famous for its waterfalls and is located in Kanyakumari District of TamilNadu in the southern part of India. Also known as Kumari Kuttalam, Thirparappu Falls is located 42 km from Nagercoil (headquarters of Kanyakumari District), 55 km from Thiruvananthapuram (capital of Kerala) and a distance of 5 km from Kulasekaram (nearest town panchayat).

     The falls is in the Kodayar (Kothai River).The Kodayar makes its descend at Thirparappu and the water fall at this place is about 13 km. from Pechiparai dam. The water falls from a height of nearly 50 feet and the water flows for about seven months in a year.

     The Thirparappu weir has been built on the rocky mass that stretches far across the distance covering one fourth of a kilometer in the direction against the streams current. This weir supplies water to the fields that are used for irrigation.

     Mahadever kovil located near this fall, is the third Shivalaya of the 12 Shivalayas of Kanyakumari. The Temple is built around A.D. 9th Century by Raja Raja Chola in traditional Kerala architechtural style.

     Recently, the District Administration constructed a swimming pool especially for kids here.

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