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Guindy National Park, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

     The Guindy National Park is one of the prime spots to visit for those people who come to Chennai during vacation. It is an extension of the grounds that surround the Governor's Residence, known as the Raj Bhavan. It is the smallest national park in the country. The park attracts more than three lakh visitors during the year. The Guindy National Park is the only park in the world to be situated in the middle of a metropolis. Forest type is Dry evergreen scrub and thorn forest.

     The Guindy Park was originally a game reserve, following which it was owned by a British citizen named Gilbert Rodericks. Originally measuring 400 hectares, the park, handed over to the Tamil Nadu Forest Department in 1958 now has only 270.57 hectares.

     The vegetation is mainly tropical dry evergreen flora with over 350 species of plants including trees, shrubs, climbers, herbs and grasses. There are over 24 varieties of trees including Amona Squamosa, Atlanta Monophylla, Feronia Limonia, Azadirachta India, and many others. There are also more than 14 varieties of shrubs, over 14 types of mammals like the antelope, spotted dear, jungle cat, Indian civet, the river otter, hyena, fox and the like. There are large numbers of Chital and Blackbuck that graze in the open grassland. Nocturnal animals include the toddy cat, civets, jungle cat, pangolin, and hedgehog.

     The dense forest, grasslands and water-bodies provide an ideal habitat for over 37 species of birds, some not seen anywhere else in Chennai, including the black chested, black winged kite, honey buzzard and pariah kite. Apart from snakes, certain species of tortoise and turtles- especially the endangered star turtle, lizards, geckos, chameleons and the common Indian monitor lizard are also found here, as well as a large variety of insects and butterflies.

     Entry into this protected reserve is restricted, and one can only go in escorted by a forest ranger from the forests department, that too with special permission.

Location : It is a adjacent to the Raj Bhavan in the South Madras. Chennai airport - 8 kms away. Chennai Central railway station is 12 kms away, while Chennai Egmore railway station is 9 kms away. Guindy station (Suburban Track) is 1 km away.

Contact :
The Wildlife Warden,
50, IV Main Road,
Gandhi Nagar,
Chennai - 600 020.

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