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Birla Planetarium, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

     Birla Planetarium features a fully computerized planetarium located in the Kotturpuram suburbs of Chennai city. The planetarium is an integral part of Periyar Science and Technology Centre. The planetarium was built in the memory of the leading industrialist and visionary of India, B.M. Birla. Birla Planetarium is a fully computerized planetarium featuring an audio video sojourn of the cosmic space.

     Eight galleries on themes of Physical Science, Transport, Electronics & Communication, Energy, Materials Science, Life Science, Innovation, International Dolls and Children, with over 500 exhibits are present here.

     Interested to in astronomy, would like to know more about stars & mystries of the Milkeyway, then you must visit this Planetarium. This is one of the modern Planetarium in the country using GM II projector, very sophisticated instrument (it can excute diurnal, annual, Latitudinal and precessional motions.) You can watch celestial phenomena, on aluminum inner dome used as screen. Its fully Computerized, at time can accodamate 236 person. They present shows on varies subject in astronomy, even common laymancan understood. For every 3 month or sometimes often they change these prgram themes, so always one can expect new programs to watch.

     Equally impressive is the Traffic Park that keeps you abreast of the latest road safety measures. Children have a rollicking time dashing around in toy cars with the help of automatic electronic signal systems.

     If you're a nature lover or an environmentalist for that matter, then the energy and eco park would be just the right place for you to step across. Get acquainted with the working utilities of solar energy, wind energy and bio-gas in the former park. An entire forest has been simulated in the eco park - water, plants, life models of animals, the lion, tiger and deer, a definite crowd-puller with kids.

     The Meteorological Observatory might well be the answer to most of your queries on the celestial phenomena.

     Birla Planetarium is situated on the Gandhi Mandapam Road with the nearest bus stop and railway station being Kotturpuram Bus Stop and Kotturpuram Railway Station. The bus station is about two kms north of the planetarium and the railway station about a kilometre in the north-east.

     The Science and Technology Centre is open on all days except on national holidays. Program timing: English Show, 10 am, 1.15pm, & 3.45 pm. Tamil Version 12, 2.30pm. Apart from these shows, there is night sky watching arranged on second Saturdays between 7pm and 9pm.

Entrance fee
Adult: Rs.45, Child Rs.25

Contact Address
Tamilnadu Science & Technology Centre
Gandhi Mandapam Road (Behind CLRI)
Chennai- 600 025.
Phone: +91-44-24416751 / 24915250

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