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Vallakottai Murugan Temple, Chennai

     Vallakottai Murugan temple is one of the foremost of Murugan temples in India. It is 1200 years old

     Vallakkottai is a hamlet in Kanchipuram District, situated at a distance of twelve kilometers south of Sriperumputur on the Sriperumputur Cenkalpattu Road 24 kilometers from Tamparam on the Orakkalam Sriperumputur bus route.

     Saint Arunakirinatar has glorified this temple in his Tiruppukal in seven songs. Here in this temple, the idol of Murukan is the tallest in Tamil Nadu, seven feet in height. With Valli and Teyvayanai on both sides.

     During the days when the patiri tree was serving the purpose of the holy shrine of Lord Murukan, Arunakiri traveled through that area on his way from Tirupporur to Tiruttani. Unaware of the shrine, he stayed near a tank and took rest under a tree. A heavenly voice was heard saying, "Have you forgotten me, Arunagiri?" It was heard thrice and the saint shook himself awake and searched around; He found Lord Murukan under a patiri tree. He was overwhelmed with joy and it was reflected in seven songs of Tiruppukal.

     Bhageerathan ruled a city called Salangkondapuram in the kingdom of Ilanji. Narada, a rishi, came to meet Bhagareethan who was discourteous to him. Narada, enraged at the act, cursed king Bhageerathan and left for the jungle.

     Meanwhile, a demon by name Khoran was on a pilgrimage and he met sage Narada and sought his blessings. The sage asked the Asura to win the king in a battle as it would fulfil the Asura's wishes.

     Khoran was victorious in the battle and Bhageerathan was banished to a jungle. At this juncture, the king met Narada and pleaded for his blessings. He wanted to regain his lost kingdom. Narada asked Bhagareethan to go to Sage Dhurvasar who guided the king to observe vratam on Fridays.

     The king followed the advice of Dhurvasar and worshipped Lord Muruga under the padiri tree and secured his lost kingdom. The king worshipped Muruga, Valli and Devasena in Vallakottai. It is believed that this temple was built by the king.

     There is another interesting story about the temple. Since a demon called Vallan ruled this place, called Kottai (fort), it is called Vallakottai. The demon tortured the Devas who complained to Muruga. The Lord killed the demon and restored peace and prosperity to this place.

     The temple tank is known as Vajra theertham, the temple tank is believed to have been created by the kulisaayudham or vajra-ayudham of Indra. Indra wanted to worship Lord Subramanya and wanted to know the ideal place for worshipping Him and he approached sage Bhrgu, who showed him the Vallakkottai temple. Indra accordingly came to Kodai Nagar and with his mightiest of lances, vajra-ayudham, created the temple tank for performing the abhishekam and hence the name Vajra theerththam. People believe that a holy dip in the tank with the chanting of the mantra 'Aum Saravanabhava' would end all miseries.

     Other deities of this temple are Sri Vinayagar, Utsava Murugar, Sri Shanmugar and Sri Ambaal. The Mayil Vaahana is seen near the Bali peetam outside the sanctum.

     There are also some beautiful sculptures on the pillars of Ardha Mandapam like Thapas Kamakshi (as in Maangaadu), Sri Rama embracing Sri Anjaneyar etc.

Festivals: Skanda Sashti, Aadi Krithikai, Thai Poosam, English and Tamil New Year's Day.

Presiding deity: Muruga, Valli and Devasena

Temple timings: 5.30 a.m. - 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. - 8.30 p.m.

Accessibility: It can be reached either from Chennai Broadway or from Tambaram by bus. There is a good motorable road leading to the temple from the GST Road, close and opposite to the Vandalur Zoological Park.

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