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Thirupparamkundram Murugan Temple, Madurai

     Thirupparamkundram is an evocative cave temple reminiscent of those of the Pallavas (600-850 AD). located about 8 kilometers (5 miles) on the outskirts of Madurai city. Lord Murugan married Deivanai at Thirupparamkundram Murugan Temple which is also the first among the Six Holy Abodes of Murugan. It is much older than the Meenakshi Temple. Tamil Saint poet 'Nakkeerar', who composed the great literary work Thirumurugaattrupadai, the songs in praise of Lord Muruga, 2000 years back, in this divine place. Rani Mangammal has constructed Mandapams (halls) in this temple.

     According to the Sathyagiri Mahatmiam puranam, King Harichandra worshiped Lord Shiva from this hillock, then known as Sathiya Giri, and gained eternal wisdom. He constructed a temple at the place and this later came to be known as Thirupparamkundram.

     After Soorasamhaaram (killing of a demon), Lord Subramanya chose this place to rest with his soldiers. Lord Indra married his daughter Deivanai (Devasena) to the Lord in this same place after the Lord's victory over the demon. This is why the presiding deities here are Lord Subramanya and Goddess Deivanai. The other deities are Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Goddess Durga and Lord Ganapathy. Though the temple was built by the Pandya rulers, the Nayakars beautified the temple to its present glory.

     In the temple there are separate shrines dedicated to Shiva, Ganapathy, Durgai, Vishnu and other deities. At the entrance to the temple there are 48 pillars with artistic carvings.

Temple Architecture
     Thirupparankundram is a cave-like temple with an entrance decked with stately cubical pillars and lotus medallions. The front mandapam of the temple is made of 48 pillars carved with beautiful sculptures from the Pandya and Nayakar periods. A painting depicting Lord Nataraja (dancing form of Lord Shiva) is found in the temple. Sani Bhagawan has a separate shrine in the main mandapam of the temple. There is a rock-cut chamber on the western side which houses the lingam form of Lord Shiva. The eastern side of the temple has a chamber for Lord Vishnu with Goddess Durga opposite to it. The temple has carvings of Shiva, Nataraja, Nandi and Devi and Vishnu's Narasimha, Varaha avatars. Another old rock-cut chamber has an idol of local deity Jyestha Devi with her son and daughter on either side.

     Unlike other temples, where Nandhi is seen in front of Lord Shiva, here Lord Perumal is seen.

     There are 2 wooden cars in this temple. During Thai float festival and Karthigai festival the smaller car is taken in procession around the four car streets. Once in a year, during Panguni festival the bigger car is taken in procession around the giri streets.

Holy Water Points
1.Siddha theertham
2.Mandala theertham
3.Kalyana theertham
4.Pandavar theertham
5.Brahma theertham also known as sanniyasi theertam, Abisheka theertam
6.Kushira Kundam
7.Laxmi theertam
8.Puspha Marthava theertham
9.Puththira theertham
10.Sathiya theertham
11.Paadhala Gangai (Kasi theertam)
12.Saravana Poigai (made by Lord Shiva).

Sacred Tree
Kallathi tree

Literatures and Hymns
1. Thevara Padhikam - Thirugnana Sambandhar, Thiru Navukkarasar & Sundaramoorthy Swamigal.
2. Thiruppugal - Arunagirinathar
3. Thirumurugatru padai - Nakkeerar
4. Kanthapuranam - Kachhiyappar
5. Thirupparangiri - Koodalingam pillai
6. Thiruvilayadal - Paranjothi
7. Periya puranam - Sekkilar
8. Parangiri pathikam - Arunachala kavirayar
9. Parangiri alangaram - Arunachala kavirayar
10. Parangiri kovai - Arunachala kavirayar
11. Murugan arul vettal - Kalyanasundaranar

Temple Opening Hours: 05:30 to 13:00 and 16:00 to 21:00

Contact :
Arulmigu Subramania Swamy Thirukovil Administrative Office
Thirupparamkundam, Madurai - 625 005.
Phone: +92-452-2482248

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