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Tapioca Chips


Tapioca - 1 Kg
Chilli powder - 2 Teaspoon
Pepper powder - 1/2 Teaspoon
Oil - 1 litre
Salt - to taste


1. Peel off the outer brown covering of tapioca and cut it in to round pieces.

2. Spread the cut pieces in plates and allow it to dry in shadow.

3. Pour Oil in a Pan and Boil it. Put the dried tapioca Pieces in the Oil and deep fry to golden brown colour. 4. At that Stage take out from oil and drain the excess oil with paper napkins / kitchen towel.

5. Sprinkle salt, pepper powder, Chilli powder over the chips and mix well.

6. Serve the hot tapioca chips with hot cup of tea.


1. Fry the Tapioca Pieces only upto the stage it becomes golen brown colour. Only at this stage of frying, the chips will be crispy.

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